Constant innovation.
No shortcuts.

Water-Right is first and foremost a company built on integrity.

About Us

Our values drive us to develop some of the finest water treatment systems, making it easy for industry professionals to satisfy today’s demand for the highest quality water.

Keeping water clean and safe is an increasingly difficult challenge. That’s why we push to make good products better, create industry-leading technology, and offer a state-certified, independent lab specializing in water testing.

It’s about making life better as well as providing “The Right Water for Life.”

Passionately provide and create innovative water treatment solutions with a splash of inspiration.

Deliver innovative water solutions honestly, ethically, and enthusiastically through education, teamwork, and engaging customer support.

Our Technology
Sets Us Apart

Water-Right has introduced many water treatment solutions over the years, but none more popular and innovative than the Sanitizer Plus®. Using an in-line chlorine generator, these systems produce free chlorine from brine to remove iron and sulfur bacteria odors from the media bed with every regeneration.

Crystal-Right™ makes it all possible. Unlike plastic resin, the crystalline media is impervious to chlorine and backwashes clean in less time at greater flow rates.

Our chlorine generator keeps water treatment and filtration systems clean by eliminating problematic substances like iron, manganese, and sulfur bacteria.

One of Water-Right’s most unique solutions has been the use of Crystal-Right™ media, a silica crystal that outperforms resin media for removal of hardness, iron and manganese in just a single pass.

Patented Inch Worm technology is an enhancement added to select backwashing filters that gently releases air when the valve advances to backwash.

We developed our Ozone Generator to be easily implemented into many of Water-Right’s existing air filtration systems. The generator is powered directly from the the control valve for installation that’s as simple as plug-and-play.

Leadership Team

Kurt Gruett

A. O. Smith Water Treatment Business Development

Mike Hanten

Director of Operations

Guy Gruett


Carmen Bump

Technical Director

Angie Lom


Derick Wasinger

Business Systems Analyst Supervisor

Dennis Zurfluh

Production Manager

Chris Schwersenska

Purchasing Manager

Sales & Marketing Team

Brad Walsh

National Channel Manager – Distribution Partners

Greg Gruett

National Trainer

Mike Heatwole

Regional Sales Manager - VA, WV, KY

Jason Moyer

Regional Sales Manager - PA, NJ, DE, MD

Rosina Williams

Inside Sales Specialist - Wholesale Accounts

Vikki Bodnar

Inside Sales Specialist - Wholesale Accounts

Chris Roseberry

Regional Sales Manager – MI, OH, IN, IL, MO, AR, LA, MS

John Degeneffe

Regional Sales Manager – Eastern Wisconsin

Mark Selvig

Regional Sales Manager - Western WI, MN, IA, ND, SD

Jeff O'Callaghan

Regional Sales Manager – TX, OK, AZ, NM, CO, KS, NE

James Goodwyne

Regional Sales Manager - TX, OK, NM, AZ

Louis Kovacs

Regional Sales Manager - AL, GA, NC, SC, TN

Mark Russell

Regional Sales Manager - AK, CA, HI, OR, WA, NV, UT, WY, ID, MT

Vicki Andersen

Associate Brand Manager - Distribution Partners

Michelle Anderson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Customer & Technical Services

Chris Steddick

Technical Service Manager

Randy Perra

Technical Services Rep.

Randy Seyler

Technical Services Rep.

Scott Gagnon

Technical Service Rep

Gary Bauer

Commercial/Industrial Systems

Carrie Stadler

Customer Service Rep.

Sarah Mendoza

Customer Service Rep.

Resource Network

The Water-Right Group supports a nationwide network of wholesalers, distributors and water treatment professionals, including a growing international dealer base.

Learn More

Water-Right Inc. is founded. Introduction of Water-Right’s first proprietary automatic control valve for use in “problem water”
Glenn Gruett started company as Wisconsin Water Conditioning
Water-Right appoints and sells to first plumbing wholesaler in Iowa, Kretchmer-Tredway
Water-Right moves to a 3,500 sq. ft. building
Purchases first airplane to access and service accounts more quickly
Water-Right created branding in the industry by designing our own Fleck valve cover
Receive first patent for AFS System – “Automatic Filter Softener”
Purchase of a zeolite crystal plant and relocation of it to Kansas; Mineral-Right is formed
Purchase of land and moved Water-Right to new 10-acre location
Water-Right produces the first chlorine generator for treatment applications
The Sanitizer Series® is introduced, the only water softener to generate free chlorine from brine
Water-Right purchases Clean Water Testing, a state certified lab specializing in comprehensive water testing services
Evolve® hits the market, an evolutionary series that combines self-chlorinating technology with advanced electronics
Purchase and transition of WaterCare into a brand of Water-Right; all operations are moved to our Appleton facility
CustomCare Water Technologies is purchased and transitioned into a Water-Right brand, serving commercial and industrial water treatment needs
Completes expansion of current office complex and manufacturing facility, increasing manufacturing and warehouse capacity
Launch Wripli™ WiFi platform exclusively on Evolve and WaterCare products
Water-Right is purchased by A. O. Smith Corporation to join their North American Water Treatment division